Wednesday, February 14, 2007


It's finally finally here! Although this was the shortest off-season ever. Anyway, here are some helpful links for those of us stuck in snow:

Channel 5, KSDK - They'll have video up soon - hopefully of their nightly reports from Jupiter. Since they're broadcasting 20-some games this year, I expect them to have some pretty good coverage.

Post-Disptach - Goold's in Jupiter updating Bird Land daily. The Post is good for photos, like this one:
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Chris Lee/Post Dispatch

Fox Sports - The usually put up video from the Midwest Sports Report (Live! From...Pittsburgh? Ok.) but it takes forever to load and sometimes crashes everything.

Official Site - You've all been there. Plus, the added excitement of Rodriguez's blog!

550 KTRS - I'd post a link, but their site sucks. I can't find any links to archived shows. I know they stream, but it'd be nice if they offered, say, the last four installments of Talk With Tony. Try 590's clips or 1380's "Audio Vault" (if you know what show you want to listen to - 2 weeks worth of shows).

I'll update with more as I find them.

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