Monday, January 29, 2007

Sex, Lies, and Highlights at Ten

Is it really possible we haven't heard who P.A. is?

Well, no.

Not to get all On The DL on you, but I know which Cardinals player is named in the extortion case. Problem is, I can't tell without revealing "sources and methods" (I knew Rummy would be good for something) - and I obviously can't do that. I'll just say that he was not a rookie, was not a lifetime NLer, and was a starter.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We Have The Cutest Rotation

Well, see, here's the thing. The Proxy & I bought a house and pretty much all free time has been devoted to paint and sandpaper and household goods shopping. Not that much has been going on with the Cardinals. I mean when Braden Looper is supposedly the fifth starter there's not a lot of movement on the personnel front. I guess there is, but it's all out, rather than in. Like Marquis.

Oh, that makes me laugh. Marquis is a Cub. The guy worked with Leo Mazzone and Dave Duncan and couldn't get it together. They think Larry Rothschild is going to fix him? Oh, I can't wait to see him pitch against the Cardinals.

By the way, it looks like the rotation may be Carpenter, Reyes, Wells, Wainwright, Mulder - in no particular. So that's not too terrible. I mean, it's five starters at least.

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