Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Other Half

Ever wonder what the big-wigs do the night before the World Series? I hadn't really either, until I got the opportunity to go to the 2006 World Series Gala at the City Museum last night. Free food and booze? I'm there! We arrived after 9:00, so most of the front office types were long gone, but I did hear that I just missed a very trashed Todd Jones. And I saw Dave Campbell and The Strokes. I had hoped that they would be doing the national anthem or God Bless America, but no such luck. I guess they just came for the Bud Light.

2004 National League Champions Ring (on my hand):
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Welcome Sign:
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One of the dozens of ice sculptures:
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It was fabulous. And the Proxy and I got tickets for Game Four.

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