Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NLCS Games 4 & 5

I again got last minute tickets for Game 4. I did not lose my voice.

Poor bullpen. It's like all those runs they didn't allow before spilled out. It was cold, windy, and drizzly. Blech.

I didn't go last night, maybe could have, but after Sunday's experience, I was more than ready to watch from my house where beers are not $8. Plus, I could just pour it into a Busch Stadium cup, which I'm sure is commemorative of something. We don't have Kosher Dogs or Fried Cannelloni, though.

I still can't believe Weaver. I mean, Jeff Weaver?? And Molina hitting more than his weight? This is the most backwards, black-is-West, up-is-water post-season. I said it during the NLDS, we're playing with house money. When we won that series, everything else was gravy. But to be one win away from the World Series...I can't think of a metaphor big enough.

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