Thursday, October 12, 2006

NLCS Game One

How much can you really ask of Weaver? He pitched one hell of a game, made one (very) bad pitch to Beltran, and left with the L. Weaver deserved so much better. It really got my hopes up.

Is this the beginning of the October Bat Freeze? I know they can't hit lefties, and there were a lot of hard hit balls. But, gah, let's score some runs at some point during this series. I don't think Rolen will play game two. At least, I really hope. His swing looks better, but I haven't seen that many pop-ups since the Tino days. The bullpen continues to be lovely, however.

This was more of a must-win for the Mets than the Cardinals, but damn, it would have been nice to steal.

I'm supposed to go see a movie tomorrow night. I'm not happy about that.

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