Saturday, October 21, 2006


We won a World Series game.

The first World Series game won by a National League team since 2003.

Reyes was out of this world. 17 retired in a row, the most since 1990. The first win by a rookie since...wait for's coming...1982 (OK, Joe Buck lied to me, it wasn't 1982. It sure as shit sounds better though, doesn't it?). Four hits all game for the Tigers. That's freaking unreal. I don't know how to react; it's been 19 years since the Cardinals won a World Series game and I don't remember how I felt when I was in 5th grade. I'm in disbelief, shock.

If Pujols, Rolen, and Edmonds can all get going...holy shit.

Edit: I just read Bernie's column. He ends thusly, speaking about he rookies: La Russa may hand out orange slices and little Kool-Aid boxes before Game 2. The Gashouse Gang beat the Tigers in the 1934 World Series. Now in 2006, La Russa is trying to do it with the Schoolhouse Gang.

Put me in line for some Kool-Aid.

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