Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay

I really wish Yadi wasn't broken, I'd love to watch him and Matheny in the same game. Nice little piece on them at the official site with good news on Molina's hand.

Larry's home run was an absolute BOMB. 455 feet. Mulder was at 73 pitches when he was pulled after the seventh. Eh? I guess they wanted to get him out before anything bad happened? Or Reyes needed work? Whatever, it was weird. He looked good, 14 ground outs to five fly outs, four hits, one walk, one HBP (and it was a cheapie-grazed the jersey). Don't care about only one strike out, cause he's not that guy. Some more on Project: Fix Mark Mulder from Mychael Urban via Miklasz. I don't know how any of the pitchers kept things together on the mound. The strike zone was very confusing. Sucks to be Scott Rolen, getting doubled off of first like that. But the defense makes up for that gaffe.

The Giants' announcers were pretty good, but I quickly tired of one of them calling players "Meat." It's cute once. I must commend the camera placement, though. There's one right behind home plate, which was lovely when Matheny was catching (Diaz, not so much) and one from the dugout that was equally fine during replays of Jimmy's at-bats.

From the "You like me, you really really like me" files, Bernie's Bits (italics mine):
"The Cardinals quietly are trolling for a lefthanded reliever and would love to get Billy Wagner from Philadelphia (obviously). Wagner will be a free agent after the season and has said many times that he'd like to pitch for the Cardinals. Many teams will be grappling to land Wagner before the trading deadline."
I can hear lboros giggling like a schoolgirl from here. Maybe we could also go after noted Cardinals fan Mark Buehrle.

I just saw what La Russa called ESPN. Daaamn. Also explained is why Mulder left-tweaked groin, not serious.

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